The Village of Plockton, Am Ploc, sits by Loch Carron in the Highlands and is known for its mild climate making it a favourite holiday destination.

Plockton was a planned village, established during the Highland Clearances when lairds threw families off the land they worked for generations and offered them a choice to buy passage overseas to face an uncertain future in a different continent or re-settle at the coast and learn to fish. For a time large shoals of herring provided an income for the new inhabitants of Plockton but when the fish went folk were abandoned to scrape by in any way they could. The result for most was extreme poverty. Today shellfish are landed at the village pier. 

Picturesque Plockton has attracted film makers. The television series Hamish Macbeth was set and made here as was the classic horror film The Wicker Man . The village has also became a holiday destination for despite its relative isolation Plockton is a stop on the Kyle of Lochalsh – Inverness railway and accessible by narrow roads surrounded by stunning scenery. 




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