Huntly Castle

Huntly Castle
George Gordon First Marquess  Henriette Stewart Marquesse

Huntly Castle in the Aberdeenshire town of that name in an area once known as Strathbogie was the seat of the Clan Gordon.

It was built to the traditional L-plan for the Gordons, a prominent family in this part of Scotland, in the 14th century on the site of a previous motte and bailey castle. This earlier castle was constructed in timber while the later castle was made out of local stone. 

Robert the Bruce was given shelter in the wooden castle during the Scottish Wars of Independence.

The fourth earl of Huntly, George Gordon, was known as the Cock o’ the North who in 1794 raised the 92nd Regiment of Foot, which later became the Gordon Highlanders

Scottish covenanters destroyed some Catholic symbolism from the fabric of the castle during the 17th century.

Altered significantly over the centuries Huntly Castle adopted a certain French  je ne sais quoi early in the seventeenth century.

As neon lighting had not been invented when the castle was built it shouted the names of the proud Gordons to the world across the front wall:

George Gordon First Marquess 

Henriette Stewart Marquesse 

The castle is famous for the amount of graffiti carved into its walls, including a swastika.



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